JSC “Grodno Azot” PTC “Khimvolokno” invites to cooperation.

Production & Technological Complex “Khimvolokno” JSC «Grodno Azot» is a large manufacturer of polyamide-6 (PA 6) and PA 6-based composite materials.

Polymer composite materials produced by PTC “Khimvolokno” JSC “Grodno Azot” are used at enterprises of automotive, aircraft and oil industry, in machine building and instrument making industry. Manufacturers of electronic devices and instruments, household and office appliances successfully use our materials along with advanced engineering plastics of leading global producers. Polymer composite materials are produced under trademark “Grodnamid”, which is patented in the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation and the Republic of Ukraine.

Our enterprise provides technological support starting from the stage of introduction up to industrial production and, if required, our specialists visit companies for technical assistance. PTC “Khimvolokno” has an opportunity to offer PA6 on DAP – Italy (2nd quarter) terms 1760euro/mt (big-bags 1000kg on a pallet, FTL 21mt gross weight). Shipments are made on 100% prepayment basis. Validity of the offer: before 30.06.2015.

Shipment may be performed based on any delivery terms as agreed with the Buyer. Customs clearance of goods is performed at the expense of enterprise. Order lead time is maximum 30 days after order confirmation. There is flexible price forming, we offer to our clients the possibility to work under price formula (long-term contract) or under spot prices.

   The joint stock company “Mozyrsalz” is looking to cooperate with producers who use salt in manufacturing process and wholesale and retail enterprises.

JSC “Mozyrsalz” is the leader among producers of evaporated salt extra on the territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eastern Europe. This is the largest and advanced company certificated in accordance with the following international standards: ISO-9001-2001, ISO-14000, ISO-18000, HACCP, OHSAS 18001:2007, FSSC 22000. The high-quality products of JSC “Mozyrsalz” containing 99,7 % of NaCI satisfy the requirements of the international quality standards.

Cookin evaporated saltextrais used in metallurgy, chemical, microbiological, food, fish industry, road facilities, agriculture, water industry, construction materials producing industry. It is widely used as flavouring and mineral addictive to food, also it is a good preservative.

LSC “Mozyrsalz” offers a wide range of salt and products based on it: tablet salt, sea salt, dry seasonings, granulated salt, food complex addictive for meat products “Curing salt and Nitrite mixture”.

The company offers flexible business terms with customized approach to every buyer. Contractual prices are formed under the terms and conditions of FCA or DAP, are negotiated individually depending on the quality of purchased products, terms and conditions of payment.

JSC “Mozyrsalz” is a stable, reliable business partner that guarantees the highest possible attention at all times of cooperation.


The joint stock company “Rechytsadrev” is one of the largest up-to-date woodworking industry enterprises in the Republic of Belarus. We enterprise specializes in preparation and production of  plywood, chipboard, laminated chipboard, home and office furniture, fuel briquettes.

We also offer fuel wood briquettes (wood dust) at a price 60 Euro for 1t without VAT (in the Summer).

The size of the briquette: 40-110*150*60mm  / Lower heating value 16600 kJ/kg
The density of the granules is not less than 800 kg/m3 / A moisture content not exceeding 12%

The ash content of not more than 0.4%  / The sulfur content of not more than 0.15%
The nitrogen content of not more than 2.5%

Briquettes are Packed in heat-sealed polyethylene bags of 12 pieces.
Net weight of the briquettes in the bag is about 10 kg.


Ti-Group is a group of companies engaged in manufacture, trade, provision of services in the sphere of information technology solutions, supply of various goods from China.

One of the directions of our activities is the production of fake rocks, boulders and other products for landscaping.

Natural stones are the one of the main elements used in landscaping design. Using stones one can accentuate the beauty of flower arrangements, redefine rock gardens, artificial and natural ponds, enhance the relief. It is believed that the presence of boulders and rocks has a positive impact on the health of each individual.

But not everyone has the physical and material opportunity to purchase, deliver and install natural boulders and rocks (a stone large a meter in diameter weighs more than a ton). Only a few people can afford to redefine such boulders according to a particular design.

We offer a simple solution to this challenge - rocks, and rock composition manufactured using chips of natural granite, marble, quartzite, quarrystone, serpentinite and other natural stones.

Products are made from natural stone chips, fixed with composite materials. They are 10-15 mm thick, hollow, lightweight, durable, eco-friendly.

The product range is constantly updated. We can manufacture any product on request.


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